Daniel Girardi was born in Verona in 1977.

In 2000 he moved to Milan, in 2006 begin Americans stays with residences in New York and San Francisco, which will push more and more to travel and interact with the international art community.

In recent years his interests have focused mainly on the image as a digital track: here are born from different nuclei of the work, including videopaintings, which works in drawing, painting, collages and digital images, create a loop and an action over time.

The three of videopaintings I Road (2010) continue in this direction, substantially changing the system and the technicalities of video painting itself, landing to outstanding results in terms of fusion between the message and language (MACRO video from collection).

Since 2011, the research focuses on the installation and the storage of “Life Sketch Book”.

The artist’s subjects are constituted as a strong invasions of space in the project I Road, where the asphalt covering the surface of the gallery and in What Remains (2011), site-specific installation presented at the Gallery of Modern Art, Palazzo Forti, the tangled in steel bars and cables with monitor stand from the floor in an explosion hybrid.

He is currently engaged to undertake the exploration of the “Integral Reserve Grande Valley” as the first step of the new project.

Lives and works in Milan.





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